By Kit Batten

Rhine Panoramas

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 Title (cover)





A Tour Through Holland, along the right and left banks of the Rhine

Carr, J


Kit Batten AA1


Rhine guide book. Pub. Richard Phillips in London. Account of Sir J Carr’s travels. 468 pages including 20 aquatints and engraved map of the Rhine. Contemporary full calf with gilt edging outside and inside, gilt title on red spine label. Cover scratched but firm and tight. Some browning within. Two owners labels on Eps. Twenty views all present (see Michael Schmitt 35) although first three and map not in prescribed order.


Handbuch für Reisende am Rhein von Schaffhausen bis Holland

Schreiber / Engelmann


Kit Batten AA2


Rhine guide book. Book by Alois Schreiber and published in Heidelberg im Verlag von Joseph Engelmann. Title Page: Dritte, von neuem sehr verbesserte und bedeutend vermehrte Auflage. Mit zwei Karten gezeichnet von Prof. Bruhl (zweite durchaus redivierte und vermehrte Abdruck). Text clean throughout except first and last pages - corner stains to EP an one page. Three quarter leather, marbled boards, gilt spine title.

Maps on separate linen. All complete in contemporary slipcase with marbled paper. Very nice copy. 


The Rhine from Rotterdam to Constance – Handbook for Travellers



Kit Batten AA3


Rheinreise von Basel bis Düsseldorf..., I am including the issue of 1900 - already advertised as the Fourteenth Revised Edition, as an example of the Baedeker series only. Red cloth covers, gilt title, average example.

Usual red cover, a little grubby and spine has splits but text and maps sound (have not checked contents). Inscriptions on EP.  





Kit Batten AA4


Cover title RHINI am offering the eighth edition - Published L. Maison, Paris 1851: XLIVI/618 S. mit 4 Stahlstichtaf. u. einer gefalt. Karte. Final section of original title removed, traduit du Hand-Book de Murray, ... augmentee par Richard and replaced by chemin de fer. Orné dúne belle carte routiére, Huitième Édition entiérement refondue par Richard. Blue embossed boards with gilt title and spine title. Good.


Topographisches Rhein-Panorama 

Hendschel, U


Kit Batten AA5


Rhine Book / Panorama. The complete work is a book together with a collection of maps and city plans. The 98 pp. text includes Einleitung (1 – 28); alphabetical gazetteeer of sights (33 – 77); and times and prices of steamer trips and railways on the Rhine or connecting services. There are 25 town and city plans on separate pages. There are two Rhine panorama maps. Publishers embossed purple boards (grubby) with gilt title. Front cover detached from EP fly but spine is complete. Maps and contents generally good throughout but not all maps have been folded back exactly as they were.


Les Bords du Rhin

Guinot, E


Kit Batten AA6


Book by Eugène Guinot published in Paris by Furne & Bourdin. 1847. First edition, fine bound copy. With beautiful views as well as 2 maps of the course of the Rhine. Blue publishers embossed boards with gilt title on spine and attractive gilt cover illustration. Gilt edging to pages. All pages a little discoloured at extreme edges, more so for pages opposite illustrations. Two map pages very brown – probably to cheaper paper being used. 

WITH The first map has also been seen (loose) with further signature/imprint bottom right: Imp. de Lemercier. This is included in the offer.


Rhein-Dampfschiffahrt Kölnische & Düsseldorfer Gesellschaft



Kit Batten AA7


Fahrplan vom 10. Mai 1894 - Rhine timetable. Single page folded into eight pages with attractive illustrations front and back (ship on Rhine and nixes; group of tourists). Two pages of times and charges. One page map of Rhine in two sections from Mainz to Cologne. Rare piece of Rhine ephemera. Clean and tidy timetable.


Category B Maps 



 Title (cover)





Panorama des Rheins und seiner nächsten Umgebungen von Mainz bis Cöln

Delkeskamp copy


Kit Batten B2


Folds into plain card boards (fair) with cloth spine sliding into a slipcase (grubby and scratched but sound) with original paper label: Panorama des Rheins von Mainz bis Cöln. Cover is 185 x 240 mm. Map is approx. 2100 x 230 mm with the names of in a wide margin, river 150 mm wide.

Panorama has brown staining throughout, folds not equally spaced and one fold is more grubby at edge. 


Panorama of the Rhine, and the adjacent country from Cologne to Mayence. Drawn from nature by F. W. Delkeskamp, engraved by John Clark.

Clark / Leigh


Kit Batten B7

1830 Title at top between map and beginning of panorama: Delkeskamp´s Panorama of the Rhine, from Cologne to Mayence with signature Sidy Hall Sculpt. Coloured aquatint panorama, 230 x 2245 mm with 2 hand-coloured maps: Map Showing the various Routes from London to Cologne (120 x 185 mm; at top); Map Showing the various Routes from Cologne to the Sources of the Rhine (240 x 185 mm; below).Includes booklet: The Steam Boat Companion, from Cologne to Mayence to accompany the Panorama of the Rhine (cover title; title page as cover label). 24-page booklet printed by S and R Bentley and Printed for Samuel Leigh.Cover (with title horizontally) 205 x 250 mm. Panorama itself is 2160 x 150 (2300 mm with titles). Complete leporello with maps and titles is approx. 2660 x 230 mm.Green cloth covers good, paper label still fine, maps and boooklet very good. Superb copy.  

Delkeskamp's Panorama des Rheins: Mainz bis Cöln / Delkeskamp. Panorama du Rhin depuis Mayence jusqu'a Cologne

Deldeskamp / Creutzbauer


Kit Batten B8


Pub. Frankfurt am Main by Friedrich Wilmans, c. 1832. Issue of Delkeskamp's first Rhine panorama (later he engraved the "Neues Panorama"). Includes a beautifully-engraved folding panorama 23 cm wide by almost 2.7 m long, with views of Mainz and Cologne at either end. The panorama is wonderfully detailed and in very good condition. One bridge at Köln, Koblenz and Mainz. Accompanied by the 32-page descriptive booklet in French and German. 4to. Publisher's morocco-backed boards. Light wear and discoloration to boards. Else very clean. An excellent copy of a rare and beautiful item.


Tombleson’s Views of the Rhine



Kit Batten B9


Rhine guide book. Published in London by Tombleson & Co., edited by W G Fearnside. Title vignette as Michael Schmitt 264 (i.e. 3 languages) plus 68 engravings of views but as the French edition (267) with views placed in reverse order. All tissue guards removed. No map and no instructions to binder for placing such. Replacement map loose. In attractive original blind-stamped boards with intricate pattern with gilt spine title, gold edging to leaves. Nicely bound, tight copy.


Long folding map of Rhine from Mouth of Maine (top) to Deuz and Cologne (bottom). Only one bridge at Mainz, one bridge at Köln (Deutzer Brücke of 1822) and a Schiffsbrücke (?) at Koblenz. Unfolds to 1110 mm with a width of 75 mm (wider at Königswinter) without text, paper size 230 mm. Fragile, thin paper, many folds. Taken from a different copy of Tombleson.


Miniatur Panorama des Rheins und Mains von Coeln bis Frankfurt a.M.

Müller / Steiner


Kit Batten B10


Miniatur Panorama des Rheins und Mains von Coeln bis Frankfurt a.M. with added Nach der Natur aufgenommen von F J Steiner, Original-Auflage. Imprint Coblenz bei J Heinrich Müller, 1835

Unusual panorama, describing steamer journey from Köln to Mainz via Frankfurt. Panorama has a 90° bend! Lithography. Total dimensions of panorama: 1300 x 175 with extra panel (to Frankfurt) 300 x 155 mm.

Cover (h) is approx. 165 x 195 mm: grubby and stained. Engraved areas brown spotting throughout but not too obtrusive: Panorama from Köln to Mainz 1130 x 80 mm with projection outside border for Königswinter; folding out panorama from Mainz to Frankfurt 230 x 90 mm; illustration of Köln 100 x 150 mm and Frankfurt 90 x 130 mm. 


Der Rhein von Cöln bis Mainz.



2 maps


Kit Batten B11


Ludwig Kohnen Verlag, Köln. Engraved view of Rhein from Mainz (top) to Cöln. Folds into buff paper on boards (grubby) with title in 4 languages. Approx. Area of map (some staining): 1370 x 165 mm (river 80 mm).


Second copy with variant cover – in colour. Cver fair but map section at Cöln very brown (possibly had cheap paper inserted. Includes accompanying text. 

Neues Taschen-Panorama Halenza



Kit Batten B13



Mainz. Halenza Verlag. Folds into peach paper on board with title in 3 languages front and back. Inside thhe spine section paper has disintegrated but the linen spine still holding. This paper probably cheaper quality so top leaf and one other section very brown. Approx. Area of map: 1750 x 195 mm (river 140 mm). Printed J Gottsleben, Mainz.


Der Rhein von Mainz bis Cöln.

Kapp, D


2 maps


Kit Batten B14


Mainz. D Kapp Verlag. Folds into peach boards (good) with title in 2 languages – German (front) and French (back). 16-page Booklet in both languages in good condition; dated 1867. Approx. Area of map: 1650 x 185 mm (river 140 mm). Printed J Gottsleben, Mainz. Map a little spotty.


Second copy; variant cover design. Folds into peach paper on board (grubby) with title in 2 languages – German (front) and French (back). 24-page booklet in both languages in good condition; not dated c. 1872. Map fairly spotty and detached at one point.


Neuestes Rheinpanorama von Cöln bis Mainz. Panorama. Nach neu aufgenommener Originalzeichnung in Stahl gestochen

Lesimple I


1 map and

1 guide


Kit Batten B15


Green printed card covers (grubby) - Map (mainly good) has no title. View of Mainz. Mayence at top with publisher´s imprint: Verlag von Adolph LeSimple in Mainz. View of Coeln. Cologne at bottom with artist´s signatures: gez. v. C. Gapp (left under view) and gest. v. F. Foltz in Darmstatt (right).

Includes 54-page booklet, Practischer Führer durch die Rheinlande. Mit einer Karte. Neue Ausgabe. Publisher´s label added to bottom of first page: Leipzig u. Mainz. Adolf Lesimple´s VerlagThe introduction to the booklet is dated Bonn, June 1872 and there is a note to the second edition (presumably this issue) dated Bonn, June 1874 (Der Herausgeber). 

The two views occupy one leaf 130 mm x 165 mm with engraving 57 mm x 130 mm. This edition published 1874 as second edition with booklet. Cover (h) is 130 x 180 mm. Area of map detail: 1170 x 165 mm with names on map within a finely drawn margin line.


Neues Rhein-Panorama mit Führer; guide in red covers (good) with text now bound as book and map folding out at back (both good). The view of Cologne shows completed cathedral – October 1880 (also last date in text). Circa 1880-81. 


Hotel Disch



Kit Batten B16




Rhine hotel advert. Single sheet folding into four sections. The sheet is 210 x 560 mm, and when unfolded is completely taken up with A) Centrally, a Rhine Panorama, Rhein Panorama von Cöln nach Düsseldorf und Mainz with Düsseldorf at the top and Mainz at the bottom, 340 x 30 mm with names alongside expanding this to approx. 70 mm.B) Flanking this left and right, two maps of the railway connections (each approx. 70 mm wide): left from Paris to Cöln, 460 mm; and right, from Cöln to Berlin (both from top to bottom), 410 mm.C) Top and bottom are two views of Cologne Cathédral: La Cathédrale (above) and La Cathedrale achevée (below, each approx 90 x 100 mm).The other 3 “pages” are taken up with A) Eisenbahn-Karte von Mittel Europa; B) Die Mosel von Trier bis Coblenz (map); and C) Plan de Cologne (all in French).There is no evidence of a cover or clue as to original issue. Obviously produced for the French tourist market. No cover, folded size 135 x 210 mm. Fragile, thin paper.      


Category C Maps




 Title (cover)





F W Delkeskamp’s neues Panorama des Rheins von Mainz bis Cöln

Delkeskamp V – Igler/Hack


Kit Batten C1


Frankfurt. Friedrich Wilhelm Delkeskamp Verlag. Printed F Hack, engraved onto steel by F W Igler under the guidance of C Deucker and Borniger and Collin. Folds into buff paper on boards (grubby) with title in 2 languages – German (front) and French (back). 24-page Booklet (plus letter) in French in good condition. Approx. Area of page: 2720 x 260 mm (river 210 mm). Includes Original-Ausgabe page. (Dated 1850 - possibly 4th edition.) Map in good condition.


Ursinus Rhein-Panorama. Mainz, Verlag von Joseph Halenza. 1842


2 copies


Kit Batten C2


Title (as given here) repeated left and right of columns with artist´s signatures in French and English (left and right, respectively); e.g New Panorama of the Rhine from Mentz to Cologne by Jean Ursinus Engraving by S J Wolf. Francfort on the Maine (last is very faint). Printer´s imprint Verlag von Joseph Halenza in Mainz centrally below. Cover (with title horizontal) is 140 x 250 mm – yellow paper card with attractive design front and Halenza advert on back; dated, original silk ties. Sold at E Ullmann’sche Buch-, Kunst- und Antiquariats-Handlung, Zeil, D, 195. Map approx. 1735 x 235 mm; total 1875 x 235 mm (with title panel). Very stained but includes 16 page booklet which is also dated (good).


Second copy. Extreme sun browning. Cover plainer grey card cover with title now in two languages and now published by Halenza; undated.


Malerischer Reise-Atlas des Rheins von Basel bis zum Meere nebst Supplement-Blatt: Theile von Holland und Belgien, und die Dampfschiff-Verbindungen mit England erhaltend. 

Delkeskamp VII



Kit Batten C4




First copy folds into buff card covers. Map was not folded correctly and the folded areas are grubby.

Sixty-two page booklet attached (unusually horizontally), Erläuterungen zu Friedr. Wilh. Delkeskamp’s Malerischer Reise-Atlas des Rheins von Basel bis zum Meere, nebst Supplement: Ein Wegweiser für Dampfschiff-, Post-, Eisenbahn- und andere Reisende. Nach der Natur gezeichnet mit 150 Randbildern und 18 Städte=plänen. This has Delkeskamp’s imprint and address as before and is also dated 1844.


Another copy: Sixty-two page booklet attached (unusually horizontally). This has Delkeskamp’s imprint and address as before and is dated 1848. Also folds into dark buff boards with variant design. Lots of browning and one section split.


[Halenza's Neuestes Rhein-Panorama Von Mainz Bis Cöln]

Halenza, J / Foltz


3 maps


Kit Batten C6

1860 - 1880

Loose map, no title, in plain black (Morocco?) boards (which may be original): shows signs it has come deatched. Foltz map: Mainz, Germany: Verlag Joseph Halenza. Illustrated by Friedrich Foltz with text in English by Fr.Arnold and printed by R Voigtländer in Kreuznach. Covers are faded and ties are missing, otherwise engraved map is very good. Text booklet complete though fragile. Does not include final panel as later issued.

WITH Halenza's Neuestes Rhein-Panorama Von Mainz Bis Cöln.Pink (now brown!) paper backed boards, quite discoloured. 4to - over 9¾" - 12" tall. Folding panoramic map of the Rhine from Mainz to Cologne with separate 24-page booklet of running text.

 Covers are faded and ties are missing, otherwise engraved map is very good. Text booklet complete though fragile. Circa 1880.

WITH Halenza’s Photo-Rhein-Panorama in purple boards with gilt title (very grubby).Now issued as a photoligraphy with phot finish to whole.Cover faded and map is very poor and split in many places. Its only value is as a comparison to two above!!! Circa 1880.


Neues Panorama des Rheins Von Mannheim Bis Cöln with imprint Mainz, Verlag von D Kapp.

Kapp / Hirchenhein


2 maps


Kit Batten C7


Der Rhein v. Mannheim bis Cöln below map (Mannheim being below) but at the top of the final two-page folding section. Below the title and in the central column (top) are an engraving of the Loreley (Die Lorelei) and signature: gezeichnet und in Stahl gestochen Friedrich Herchenhein and imprint Verlag D Kapp in Mainz. Total length 1530 mm. 24-page Anhang – Neueste Ausgabe. Cover very grubby but attractive design. Map basically good and booklet sound.

WITH Second copy with imprint Mainz, Verlag von Joseph Halenza. Publishers red cloth backed boards (Halbleinenband) with gilt title and simple ornamentation consisting of two vertical lines on left from which flowers are set. Two small gilt decorations in the right hand corners. Smaller, but very attractive, version of the above.

Cover (v) is 180 x 105 mm. Area of map detail: 1300 x 90 mm; total length 1530 mm with vignette scenes occupying all the margin area. Map is good.


Grosses Rhein Panorama



Kit Batten C9


Cover with Germania (left), view of Rhine (central) and title in gold (central and right), framed top and bottom with vines. Imprint: Wiesbaden, Gustav Quiel, Verlag. Back is embossed but mainly plain, khaki boards.

 Total length 1750 mm. Cover (h) is 170 x 285 mm. Area of map detail: 1750 x 280 mm with vignette scenes (36) occupying most of the margin area.

This map appears to predate 1880 but there is a m/s inscription dated 1894. Cover sound, map paper browned throughout faitly uniformly.


Category D maps




 Title (cover)





Der Rhein von der Quellen in der Schweiz bis zur Mündung in die Nordsee



Facsimile Edition


Kit Batten D3


Der Rhein von der Quellen in der Schweiz bis zur Mündung in die Nordsee (slipcase title) with Historisch-Topographischer Reise-Atlas mit Plänen und Vignetten. Title page. Imprint added below all: Zweibrücken, 1842. Druck und Verlag der Ritter'schen Buchdruckerei und Buchhandlung.


Facsimile edition published Prestel Verlag, Munich 1976.

Slipcase is 190 x 240 mm. Engraved area of each double page is approx. 345 x 222 mm. Book excellent but slipcase has wrinkle where label not applied correctly.


 Category E Maps




 Title (cover)





Panorama des Rheins von Köln bis Mainz



Kit Batten E1


J E Renard of Cologne. Cover: Renard und Dübnen. Engraved view of Rhein from Cöln (bottom) to Mainz with 21 engraved panels both left and right and a central engraving of Mainz at top. Folds into brown card boards with simple paper label, stained. Approx. area of engraved area: 1000 x 210 mm. Map area mostly good, grubbier towards the edges. Large obvious stain on last section of title panel. Very interesting for the arrangement of the vignettes.


Handbuch für Reisende ... von London bis Straßburg.






Kit Batten E3


Handbuch, für Reisende mit Dampfschiffen von London bis Straßburg.

Rhine book. This volume was written by F.L. Lachenwitz, who had been K. Kreis-Sekretär and Inspector by the Rheinischen Dampfschiffahrts-Direkzion in Cologne, 1836.

The title is in three languages (English centrally below, German (left) and French (right). Dedication page to Dem Präsidenten der Verwaltung der Rheinischen Dampfschiffahrt, Herrn Heinrich Merkens, Ritter des rothen Adlerordens.

The engraved area for the complete map is approx. 870 x 180 mm.

Book has publisher’s printers boards with illustration front and back, grubby and no longer so crisp Spine repaired/strengthened. Book basically good, clean except for very top of pages.

NOTE: I have two steel plates with a variant of this map - price on application.


Rheinlauf von Schaffhausen bis Rotterdam



Kit Batten E5


Rhine map approx. 175 wide and 1600 mm long (with panels), uncoloured and including (19 left) sites and (21 right) illustrations of statues and monuments including an illustrations of a train. Bottom panel has further attractive view: Very nice condition.

Folds into yellow card cover, discoloured but attractive design and basically sound. Estimated to be 1855 or so as railway to Bonn only.

Cover (h) is 145 x 210 mm. Area of map detail: 175 wide and 1380 mm from Rotterdam (top) to Zurich (bottom) inside narrow one-line border.


Nouveau Panorama du Rhin



Kit Batten E6


Front cover has Nouveau Panorama du Rhin with three river views (Rüdesheim, Johannesberg and Rheinstein) with De Mayence Jusqu´a Cologne below with floral decoration of vines. Badly stained and discoloured. Rear cover has title in English – Panorama & Views of the Rhine above central panel with various illustrations and Panorama et Vues du Rhin avec Illustrations centrally and From Maience to Cologne with Illustrations below. Map area is 360 x 60 mm. Complete length is 450 mm. Mainly good with scrisp impression but stains on reverse. Timetable on inside cover fading. Cover (h) is 90 x 145 mm. Area of map detail: 360 x 60 with total size 450 x 135 mm.


Carte des Bords Du Rhin depuis Schaffhouse à Rotterdam ...



Kit Batten E7


Map in attractive slipcase with illustrations, spotted and browning but sound. Whole folds out to approx. 1280 x 280 mm. The map is dissected and laid down on brown linen. Hand colouring to river (bloue) and towns (red), some moderate browning throughout but very attractive. Rare.


Ravenstein's Topographisches Taschen‑Panorama des Rheins von Mainz bis Köln. Mit humoristischen Randzeichnungen von J. B. Sonderland.



Kit Batten E8


Map title is repeated below bottom railway map with publisher´s information: Verlag der E. Ullmann´schen Buch- Kunst- und Antiquariats-Handlung in Frankfurt a/M.

Cover is in two languages printed on cream/buff pinter’s boards, browning but still good.  Map paper is browning evenly throughout with blue (hand wash) colour to river. Very attractive.

Cover (title horizontal) is 135 x 185 mm. Whole folds out to approx. 1280 x 280 mm; central map panel is 1050 x 155 mm.


Rhein-Panorama von Schaffhausen bis Rotterdam. Nebst angränzenden Städten, Routten, Flüssen & den Belgisch-rheinischen Eisenbahnen. 

Halenza / Apelt


Kit Batten E10


Title and imprint: Mainz, Verlag von Joseph Halenza, 1846 all within attractive border decoration. Reverse has same information in French in a different decorative border. Light blue printed card covers, grubby as usual. Cover (h) is 135 x 250 mm. Area of map detail varies between 100 and 180 mm in width with space between map and border filled with illustrations as described. Map quality is still quite good, little browning. Incorrectly folded at some time. Stain on last fold-out map.

Total length of panorama: 1810 x 245 mm. Extra railway map size 115 x 415 mm but extending across the two-line border at Valenciennes (actual size of sheet is 175 x 470 mm). 


Panorama Du Rhin.



Kit Batten E11


DER RHEIN von seiner Mündung bis Schaffhausen bearbeitet von J Lehnhardt (centrally). Publisher’s imprint above title: Eigentum und Verlag von David Kapp in Mainz. Map begins immediately below this with North Sea by Rotterdam. Folds into plain red (Morocco?) boards with gilt title, still good.

24-page booklet Le Rhin et ses Environs de Schaffhouse jusqu’a la Mer du Nord with Kapp imprint: Mayence Chez David Kapp, Editeur. Last date in text is 1848 (pp.3 and 14). Mainly good.

The map is coloured to show countries and German territories and is still very good.


Karte vom Laufe des Rheins von Basel bis Rotterdam

Benedix, Roderich


Kit Batten E15


Approx. 135 wide and 1330 mm long, coloured to show countries/Länder along route and including (7) maps and plans and (5) other illustrations of statues and monuments. Title at top and imprint below map: Wesel bei I Bagel (possibly engraver). Folds into yellow card cover (good) together with 16 page booklet Wegweiser und Notizen inside cover. Front and back covers advertise books by Roderick Benedix. Very nice condition.



Category F Maps 




 Title (cover)





Neuestes Rhein Panorama Von Mainz bis Cöln von Joseph Halenza, Buch und Kunsthandlung Marktplatz B 16 vor dem Dom.

Halenza / Hirchenhein


Kit Batten F2


Folding panoramic map of the Rhine from Cologne/Coeln (top) to Mainz (below) to total length 1740 mm. Folds into printed paper boards with attractive frame, soiled and grubby.

Cover (h) is approx. 180 x 260 mm. Area of map detail: 1740 x 220 mm with 40 vignette scenes occupying the margin area, no borders. Whole map extremely brown.



 Category G Maps 




 Title (cover)





Panorama des Rhein von Schaffhausen bis Rotterdam



Kit Batten G1


Map with attractive title above in two languages. Cover is brown printed paper boards with attractive illustration of a river steamer, grubby around the edges. Map is clean and tidy throughout but not folded exactly as should be so some marks along fold lines.

Cover (h) is 155 x 225 mm. Area of map detail: 1825 x 190 mm with names on map and not specifically occupying the margins. 

Lithography; total length 2260 x 215 mm. 98 illustrations, of which 17 on 3 extra fold-out sections.  "Der Rheinfall bei Schaffhausen" illustration at bottom. 


David Kapp’s Panorama of the Rhine First and Only Edition Printed in Colours

Kapp, D


2 maps


Kit Batten G2


Engraver’s signature below illustration of Schloss Biebrich at Mainz: W Becker gez. U. lith. Map occupies central portion with illustrations occupying wide margins. Complete length is 1900 mm.

20-page booklet (some spotting), Nouveau Panorama du Rhin de Mayence à Cologne, publie par David Kapp with his imprint in French which describes course of Rhine from Mayence to Mühlheim and three tales of the Rhine including that of Konrad von Boppard. Booklet has printer’s signature opposite first page: Reuter et Wallau, Imprimeurs, Mayence. Last date in text 1850 (pp. 6 and 16). Moiré cover with gilt title (good) – full colour printing on paper which is slightly browning but still good.


New Panorama of the Rhine from Mayence to Cologne. 20-page Booklet, Nouveau Panorama du Rhin de Mayence à Cologne, publie par David Kapp with his imprint . Attractive green tiitle on white card covers. Black and white printing of ame map, basically good..


Rhein Panorama von Mainz bis Coeln.



Kit Batten G3


Rhein Panorama mit 44 Rand‑Ansichten. Folds into dark brown (previously maroon?) card cover with ties, still good. Illustration of river god with putti in unframed panel. Map is to be read horizontally, i.e. leporello folds out from right to left (not top to bottom), hence title and illustration make up first "page" when opened.

Rhine map detail approx. 150 mm wide and 1610 mm long (without illustrations and first panel), coloured and actually including 48 (27 top, 21 bottom) sites and illustrations of statues and monuments (four statues in top row are obviously not included in number). Cover (h) is 170 x 285 mm. Area of map detail: 270 mm wide (with views) and 1610 mm (total length is 1930 mm from left hand side of title page). Mp is highly unusual and despite some browning still good.


Category H Maps 




 Title (cover)




Neuestes Rhein Panorama

Frey, Ph


5 maps


Kit Batten H1

Example 1. Neuestes Rhein Panorama Ph Frey & Co. in Frankfurt a/M. Red boards with floral decoration and title in gilt, good.

Cover (with title horizontal) is 100 x 145 mm. Map area is approx. 120 x 1460 mm within border (i.e. full length but 10 mm margins left and right). Map good, text booklet good.

Example 2. Ph. Frey & Co’s Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt a. M, Germany. Red paper covered boards. Gilt title unclear. Folding miniature panoramic map of the Rhine from Mainz to Cologne.

Cover is slightly scuffed in places, otherwise lithographic map is good. Map 1040 x 105 mm. Map attached to top and bottom covers, i.e. covers not together so map pulls out easily.

Example 3.Neuestes Taschen-Rhein-Panorama Von Mainz Bis Coeln nach speziellen topographischen Aufnahmen ausgeführt.Ph. Frey & Co’s Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt a. M, Germany. Paper covered boards, slightly scuffed. Folding panoramic map in blue tone printingone section split could be repaired.  Also 24-page booklet in 3 languages good. Map 1440 x 120 mm. Example 4. Cover title on red boards with wide floral border and decorative floral bouquet behind central title with illustration of Loreley Felsen in bottom right corner. Good. Panorama in plain brown sepia tones from Coeln top and Mainz below. Map and views contained within a border of 200 mm. Length in total 2480 mm. Few spots where views are scuffed, many sections split. Sepia only, plain border.

Example 5. Der Rhein - Les Bords du Rhin - Beauties of the Rhine. Album of sepia views (12 pp. – 24 views) in red linen boards with gilt title, good. Map of Rhine attached at back. Poor quality printing on poor quality paper. Book  205 x 155 mm. Map 1440 mm x 140 mm.


Rhein-Panorama von Mainz bis Cöln

Schütz I


4 maps


Kit Batten H2

Four different examples of this Schütz map all folding into attractive red covers. 3 good, one split along spine. Approx. Area of map: 1300 x 140 mm. All have TOTAL ANSICHT ZU CÖLN at top and the first 3 are photo-lithographically printed. Second example has attempt at full colour printing. Example 4 has a new view of Cologne and is printed in two tones, scruffy and badly folded.


Neues Rhein-Panorama Mainz - Coeln



Kit Batten H3

Example 1.Folds into red publisher’s boards with gilt title and border in characteristic art nouveau style. Good. No title but VON CÖLN top left and BIS MAINZ top right. Cover 100 x 170 mm. Length 1140 mm. Good.

Example 2. Later copy with alterations. Folds into attractive red covers but scuffed and darkened with age. Approx. Area of map: 1080 x 140 mm. 2 copies. Map mainly good, one copy has text booklet with Schütz imprint dated 1906 – possibly not from this map.


Rhein-Panorama von Köln bis Mainz

Moritz Zobel


Kit Batten H4

Folds into attractive buff boards with gilt title and view of the national Monument at Niederwald (good).

Cover (h) is 160x 235 mm. Map and views contained within a border of 210 mm. Length of river panorama 2165 mm. Glossy photolithographic panorama in good condition.


Panorama des Rheins von Köln bis Mainz.

Henry, A


Kit Batten H5

Folds into publisher’s purple cloth boards with attractive blind-stamped border and gilt title (atractive letter R for Rhein).Reverse has same blind-stamping and imprint: A. Henry in Bonn. Good.

Total length approx. 1300 mm with a total of 65 illustrations: 31 left, 34 right (the last is small panorama of Mainz). Photolithography in good condition. Cover (horizontal) 120 x 170 mm. Approx. area of map: 1300 x 140 mm. 


Neuestes Album vom Rhein und Sieben-gebirge



Kit Batten H6

20 page booklet of sepia views along the Rhine including some of Denkmal a. d. Niederwald and a Gruss aus Bonn (similar to postcards of time). Map is appended separately on cheap paper and has no title.

Rather cheap looking black and white standard printing. Heavy land shading.

Below the views of Cöln is imprint: Verlag von Michael Foppen in Bonn.

Cover (vertical) is 195 x 145 mm with Germania and Rhine view all in art nouveau frame, bottom right corner poor, rest good. Map area is approx. 1670 x 180 mm, total length 1900 mm incl. two panels. Generally good. 


Neuestes Rhein -Panorama von Mainz bis Koeln

Blümlein, G


Kit Batten H7

G Blümlein & Co.,Verlag, Frankfurt. Grey and light blue photo-gravure views of Rhine. Folds into red cloth on board with decorative cover with gilt title. Good.

Includes a third bridge at Mainz (Eisenbahnbrücke north of town) and Railway Koblenz-Burg Ehrenbreitstein appears to be joined.

Approx. Area of map: 1730 x 165 mm. V good.


Praktischer Führer durch die Rheinlande.



Kit Batten H9

Rhine guide. Printed publisher’s paper cover has view of the Bornhofen on the Rhine centrally then second title mit Ausflug nach der Bergstrasse, dem Odenwald und Taunus and picture of Father Rhine bottom right. Title page is same but no illustrations. 7. Auflage. Leipzig. Adolf Lesimple´s Verlag. 1889. Pages uniformly brown, map lithographically reproduced in brown tone. Both good.

Map title: RHEIN-PANORAMA withsignature below left: Entworfen u. Lithographirt von H Birke in Saarlouis.

Cover (v) is 185 x 120 mm. Area of map detail: 440 x 165 mm with names on map within a finely drawn margin line. Total length 510 mm. Map in dark brown / sepia tone.



Category I maps 



Panorama vom Rhein Cöln bis Mainz


Kit Batten I1


Carl Garte Verlag, Leipzig. Der Rhein von Cöln bis Mainz. Orange boards. Grey and light blue photo-gravure view of Rhein with 7 extra leaves of photos at end.

Approx. Area of map: 1730 x 150 mm. Cover good, map good throughout.


Panorama vom Rhein Cöln bis Mainz


Kit Batten I2


Later amended copy of Garte 1. Folds into red cloth on board with decorative cover with gilt title. Similar to previous but later state with separate panel for title and addition of Hotel Petersburg, river widths and sepia views of the National Denkmal. Boards good at front, linen torn on back, could be repaired.Opening page of map slightly discoloured from red of linen. Includes text booklet by Dr F Lahneck.  

Rhein-Panorama von Mainz bis Köln


Hoursch & Bechstedt


Kit Batten I3


Rhein Verlag von Hoursch & Bechstedt in Köln a. Rh (in lozenge on back cover). Folds into green board covers with floral decoration. 

The whole map framed inside (green) vine-leaves and bunches of grapes. Cover has attractive art nouveau style and picture frames are also in this style.

Approx. area of map: 1800 x 220 mm; Head and tail views, 43 illustrations. Cover generally good, map generally sound.


Rhein-Panorama von Mainz-Cöln



Kit Batten I4




Rhein-Panorama von Mainz-Cöln on burgundy boards with slightly art nouveau border in black. Reverse has embossed H Siebenhaar, Cöln. Lithographic view of Rhine from Cöln (top) to Mainz with lithographic views (26 left, 29 right) alongside the river and interspersed with vines and bunches of grapes. Map has imprint: Photo Lithogr. V. Wilh. Schütz, Grossh. S. Hofbuchbinderei u. Albumfabrik Eisenach below view of Mainz. Map and views contained within a border with page width of 205 mm and thin two-line frame.  Cover 235 x 130 mm (h). Map 205 x 2400 mm. Boards good except one wrinkle on reverse. Map paper browned throughout but no tears, some pencil markings.  

Rhein-Panorama von Mainz bis Köln



3 copies


Kit Batten I5


Copy 1: Folds into red cloth on board with decorative design. Kunstverlag Lautz Darmstadt blind-stamped imprint on back cover. At the top are four views of Köln above a picture of a Rheindampfer with Father Rhine looking on. Publisher’s imprint below map: vereinigte Kunstfruckereien Metz u. Lautz. G M B H Darmstadt.   

Cover (vertical) is 180 x 100 mm. Approx. area of map: 1280 x 155 mm.

Copy 2:Folds into red cloth on board with cathedral of Köln, flowers and Rhine steamer. Kunst Anstalt Lautz & Isenbeck Darmstadt blind-stamped imprint on back cover.Coloured map and photolithographic views of Rhine within ouside border. Flower decorations by photos. At the top are four views of Köln above a picture of a Rheindampfer with Father Rhine looking on. Publisher’s imprint below map: vereinigte Kunstfruckereien Metz u. Lautz. G M B H Darmstadt.  Scene of Mainz Total at bottom. Two bridges at Köln, Bonn (1), and three bridges at Mainz (plus Eisenbahnbrücke north of town). Cover (horizontal) is 130 x 240 mm. Approx area of map: 1320 x 155 mm. VERY TORN – SCRAP ONLY.

Copy 3:Folds into cream/grey cloth on board with cathedral of Köln, flowers and Rhine steamer.Kunst Anstalt Lautz & Isenbeck Darmstadt blind-stamped imprint on back cover.VERY TORN – SCRAP ONLY. 


Rhein-Panorama von Cöln bis Mainz.



Kit Batten I6


Folds into publisher’s red cloth boards with gilt title and a sun symbol top right, two flowers and a horizontal band.Reverse is plain.

Der Rhein von Cöln bis Mainz. Photo-lithographic view of Rhein from Cöln (top) to Mainz with lithographic views along the river. Publisher's imprint at bottom below Mainz: Druck u. Verlag v. Louis Glaser, Leipzig. Total length approx. 1360 mm.

Cover (horizontal) 130 x 215 mm. Approx. area of map: 1360 x 185 mm.

2 views top/bottom, 66 illustrations.

Boards stained and a little wrinkled. Map shows bad tear erasure between Caub and Rüdesheim where pages once stuck together.

Der Rhein … von Mainz bis Cöln. Anon.


Kit Batten I7


No title. Photo-lithographic view of Rhein from Cöln (top) to Mainz with lithographic views along the river. There are a total of 110 illustrations (57 left and 53 right). The map area is much more map-like, clearly showing roads and railways and with little of the usual hill-shading. River in blue, land sepia-grey and vignettes coloured.

Boards generally good. Map generally good but folds have been strengthened. Spine inside paper cracked but cloth still good.


Rhein-Panorama von Mainz bis Cöln.

Anon IV


Kit Batten I8


Folds into green cloth boards with decorative design of vine leaves and bunches of grapes. Plain back cover. No title but top view has PANORAMA VON CÖLNCover (horizontal) is 145 x 235 mm. Approx. area of map: 1560 x 205 mm. Boards good, Map good.