By Kit Batten

General Information



This web site is dedicated to the sale of my personal collection of maps. I am not a dealer or in any way connected with the trade of maps. I began collecting maps in the late 1980s and about 1990-91 I was fortunate enough to get in contact with Francis Bennett. We shared our information concerning our two collections of maps of Devon and I coerced him into helping write and publish The Printed Maps of Devon in 1996. Francis did most of the donkey work - visiting a large number of institutions outside London - living in Stuttgart, Germany my visits were limited to the British Library. We both spent many hours at the Exeter West Country Studies Library and were greatly assisted at all times. Five years later we co-wrote The Victorian Maps of Devon.

Over the years, I also collected guide books related to Devon and noticed that three names regularly cropped up: John Cooke from Devonport from about 1820; John Banfield of Ilfracombe from the early 1840s; and Henry Besley of Exeter from 1845. I have a large number of works by these people on sale in my collection. Email me for details.

I live and work in Germany and have accumulated a number of maps of that country, I especially found the long folding "Leporello" map interesting and have 40-50 maps tracing the course of the Rhine.

Furthermore, I have a number of maps of Great Britain / The British Isles as well as a small number covering other areas.


Maps for Sale

This web site will need a long time before I have catalogued every map in my collection for sale. Maps will be posted as soon as I have time to write a description and to provide adequate images. However, those who visit my two web sites - The Printed Maps of Devon and the later The Victorian Maps of Devon (click title to go to website) - or those who possess a copy of either The Printed Maps of Exeter or my Tourist Maps of Devon the initials KB after a map or work signify that I have this in my collection and I will always accept a reasonable offer for any item.

Additionally, if you are searching for an item you can use the contact sheet to enquire whether I have a particular map or other work, e.g. guide book.




All items will be shipped by the standard means (DHL/German post) from Germany as soon as payment is received unless the purchaser has extra requirements (tracking of letters/extra insurance etc.). Normal packing is a suitably-sized "jiffy bag" (standard-sized, normal weight books) or a suitably-sized reinforced envelope (single sheet maps and thin books). Large maps are sent in a tube. DHL packets automatically carry a tracking number and are insured to the value of €500.


This is a private sale but I accept returns without question where there is an error in the description and the item is not exactly as described in the original offer. Other returns will be accepted on an individual basis. I am happy to send further information and/or images if requested.


Please note that items below €25 will not be subject to return unless there is a very good reason.