By Kit Batten

Pieter van den Keere - Anglia



Map by van den Keere or Abraham Goos for Jan Jansson


The small map is a map of England and Wales only (i.e. parts of Ireland and Scotland are missing) with title in simple strapwork cartouche, double line border with graduation. The map itself is only 140 x 200 mm (height x width) on paper 180 x 225 mm. The imprint is strong, but paper has browned with one stain at edge not affecting map and which would be hidden by a passe-partout. Map has page reference VON ENGELANDT above map and page number 19, both added using extra typeset.


Shirley (Early Printed Maps of the British Isles) illustrates this map under entry 402 (see fig. 121): In 1628 a new set of pocket-size maps was published by Jan Jansson from plates engraved by Pieter van den Keere and Abraham Goos. In contrast to the Mercator-Hondius series started 1607, these maps follow Speed. There were numerous reissues (approx. 9) with another three editions in German until 1662. This example is from one of the German issues (with German text on reverse and printer’ mark E2 and first word of text on following page sehr): published as Atlas Minor Gerardi Mercatoris a I Hondio.


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Map of Ancient Britain







Map of ancient Britain drawn and engraved by R W Seale.


Attractive uncoloured map of the British Isles as it was before the Romans arrived with all the native tribes mentioned, e.g. the Danmonii in Devon and Cornwall, the Belgae or Cantii in south east England etc. One centre fold. Map in generally good condition with one slight crease across the top right corner which could be ironed out. Light discolouration only and only a few spots, although there is a spot clearly off the south west coast of Ireland.


This map is believed to be from an example of Geographia Antiqua which was published in various editions from 1731 to 1819. Reverse is blank. Impression fairly crisp.


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Dexter Weatherproof maps

Two maps back-to-back on one sheet showing eastern and southwestern England.

DEXTER WEATHERPROOF – Advertising atlas sheets?



These two maps were produced by the well-known company of W & A K Johnston of Edinburgh and presumably they were used as advertising by the company Dexter. Both maps have the same slogan to the left of the map – AS BRITISH AS THE WEATHER – BUT RELIABLE. The map of East England also has slogan The Dexter is a weatherproof certificate of certainty; and the second map has slogan Dexter Proofing is proof against time as well as tempest.

The maps are very similar to, but much smaller than, maps produced by the Johnstons for their The Modern County Atlas of England & Wales published in 1889. The railway lines shown for Devon point to a date between 1909 and 1917 as the line to Appledore is shown (completed about 1898-1901 and dismantled during WW1, the rails reportedly then being used in France) but date is only given as a rough guide.

Map is 200 x 270 mm on a sheet 240 x 305 mm. Outline colour throughout. Railways, canals and submarine telegraph shown in key. Very unusual maps of the areas.


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Black's Road & Railway Travelling Map of England

Black's Road & Railway Travelling Map of England

Folding map of England and Wales circa 1865


Map of England and Wales, 800 x 560 mm. This is the same as the two-sheet (north and south) map engraved by Sidney Hall found in Black's Atlas of the World and with his engraver's signature, bottom right.

Shows Devon railway only to Bideford (1855). Advert for Devon and Cornwall guide on inside back cover (issued 1855-1859 only).

Folds into stiff boards (top detached) with gilt title and crest. Map very grubby due to paper browning. Routes drawn on map by previous owner. The linen "spine" is stll present so someone could repair it. Dissected and laid on linen in 36 sections. Simple rectangular frame to title "England and Wales" top right. Some holes at double fold points but litte if any loss to map detail. Not subject to return. 





Harmsworth Map of British Isles

Large folding map of the British Isles.







Large Folding Map of the British Isles printed and published by George Philip & Son, Ltd at the London Geographical Institute and distributed by Edward Stanford.


A nice but rather plain large folding map with the addition of Edward Stanford’s label, implying that he was the main distributor and with labels on front and back folding sections advertising his “Library Maps” and “Leading Atlases”. One of the works advertised was issued 1904 and this map could date from this era.

 Map is printed on paper and dissected and laid on linen. Total size approx. 1200 x 900 mm folding to 175 x 130 mm and complete with red slipcase with gilt title. Map generally sound. No apparent tears, slight browning to linen at folds. Occasional spots, including two small ink spots on map not detracting from overall appearance.


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Stanford's Railway and Road Map 1862

Map of England & Wales engraved by J&C Walker and reproduced lithographically by Standidge & Co. 950 x 800 mm in 48 sections. Was the basis for maps in the Mackenzie Walcott series of guies (see for example Batten & Bennett Victorian Maps of Devon entry 137). Folds into slipcase (lacking).

Large folding map dissected and laid down on linen folding to 165 x 110 mm. Attractive wash colouring throughout and usual signs of wear, quite clean for its age and none or very little wear to linen even at folds although a couploe of smaller ink stains on back.

Title has no panel (top right) STANFORD'S RAILWAY AND ROAD Map of ENGLAND AND WALES. and includes date 1862. Small section including key and population for 1851. A few spots in this area. Overall still quite attractive. Imprint of London: Edward Stanford: 6 Charing Cross. And also note: Agent by Appointment for Ordnance Maps.


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