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Welcome to "Maps for Sale" a personal selection of interesting maps by Kit Batten

Maps for Sale is a site which I have set up in order to dispose of my rather large collection of maps built up over more than 25 years. 


Rhine panorama - steel plates

Devon Material

The main core of my collection is made up of maps of Devon (i.e. both county and town maps). This comprises both early maps printed before 1837 and most of which can be found catalogued and described on my web site Printed Maps of Devon; and also maps printed during Victoria's reign which, appropriately, are described on my website Victorian Maps of Devon . Both of these web sites are based on the work carried out with the collaboration of Francis Bennett to whom I am eternally grateful.


Other maps of Devon are maps which are also pre-1901 but were not included in these two works. Most of these were outside of the scope of these two books (e.g. not county maps). A number of maps are those of the city of Exeter, described in The Printed Maps of Exeter (now available online). Other maps are folding or tourist maps (in or extracted from guides) and described in The Tourist Maps of Devon (privately printed, only a few copies still available).


For information concerning printed maps of the county of Devon on one or two sheets before 1837 use this link:

For information concerning printed maps of the county of Devon on 1 or 2 sheets during Victoria's reign use this link:



Non-Devon Material

Over the years I collected maps of other areas and I am also in the process of selling these. You will find a large number of maps:


Devon - this is split into pre-Victoria and Victorian material

Great Britain / British Isles - various regional maps

 Miscellaneous - maps collected from different sources including several maps of Germany



I do hope you have a look. Serendipity is a splendid thing!


Special Offer!! Many maps are priced at €20. Take six maps - pay for 5. 


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